The Worst Thing You Can Do For PAIN

The Worst Thing You Can Do For PAIN

Do you know what’s the absolute WORST thing you can do if you have chronic hip, back, neck, or shoulder pain?

It’s not an exercise, or a course of therapy, or an injection, or a surgery, or any of that.

It’s actually something you do in your brain.

We all do it because of how our brains are naturally wired. It’s…


The worst possible thing you can do if you have chronic pain is GIVE UP and start thinking that nothing will ever work for you.

But IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT if you give up… like I said, it’s the natural way our brains work.

See, our brains are wired so that if we try to fix something many times but nothing works, we start to conclude that nothing will EVER work, and our brain gives up on it and finds a way to live with the situation that we can’t seem to fix.

Whether your pain is caused by carrying too much weight, muscular, skeletal or stress related there will be a solution IF you don’t GIVE UP!

Losing weight, practicing self massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, using relaxation techniques and essential oils to DE-stress, strengthening your weaker muscles and stretching the tighter ones, not staying in ONE POSITION whilst awake for longer than an hour before moving.

We are all unique in our PAIN and therefore we will all need a solution tailored to us.

Jumping on a solution recommended by someone else because it worked for them, is often why we believe there is no solution it worked FOR THEM…
YOU are different and you body is different, therefore it makes sense that you need a different solution for YOUR pain, nothing more.
It doesn’t mean YOU cannot be helped to get pain free, but this is why we conclude ‘nothing works’.

Only by trying as many different options as you can for a reasonable mount of time (2-3 weeks) can you find that solution that works for you.

ONE solution is usually not how it works, its a COMBINATION of things that together will make up YOUR unique solution…

But all solutions start in your BRAIN

You have to believe you CAN find your solution and be prepared for not EVERYTHING to work for you.

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