I help high achievers, ‘go getters’ who, from the outside have all their sh*t together, but inside are anxious, in pain, struggling with self-sabotage and a feel unhappy and uncomfortable with their body, weight,  lack of energy and enjoyment of daily life.

Do you need to get back in shape and feel HAPPY & SEXY again?

Do you need help to stop the bad habits that have lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, tiredness and feeling like you are not performing as well as you could in the bedroom or the boardroom?

Do you want to feel sexy, alive, energetic, confident and empowered again, physically & mentally?

If your answer is YES! YES! & YES!

I am here to help you achieve all of the above.


I DO NOT work on a ‘per hour’ basis YOU don’t get best results that way

You need to commit to the process & sign up for a minimum of 3 months most people do well with 6

3 month packages start from £2200 in full or 3 x 2750

**NB Allow for additional investment in specific testing and supplementation.

Your progress will be reviewed monthly to ensure you are on the correct package for you.


Less pain

More energy

Weight loss / gain

No more brain fog

Control over your food

Reduced anxiety

Better sleep

More motivation to do the thing you enjoy

Happier & sexy!


I understand the struggles and difficulties you have with family, business, older parents, children and a home to run.

I help you change your thinking and behaviour so your results last a lifetime.

I will guide you into creating NEW sustainable habits that will get you THRIVING & enjoying your life again!

I will hold you accountable and ensure you do what you say you are going to do.

We look at all areas including work, relationships, overall lifestyle, your hormones, stress levels , sleep patterns , nutrition, gut function & exercise, not just one or two!

In health, wellness and happiness

Vicky xx

If you genuinely need my help to achieve your goals please and are READY to invest in YOURSELF please send me an email or a message via messenger asking for an application form:

I look forward to hearing from you.