I am Vicky – Fitness, Health & Wellness Coach,  and advocate of a whole body approach to dis-ease prevention and living a happy and fulfilling, illness free life!

I have been in the food & fitness world since the mid 80’s and was one of the first step instructors in the UK!

I am help people overcome issues with diet, lifestyle and health without medication or quick fixes once and for all.

Though my own issues with crazy diets, food & exercise obsessions and addictions , fluctuating weight and bouts of depression about my figure discovering I have Hashimoto’s, and my fast recovery from a Heart attack in 2018 caused by binge eating disorder and alcohol addiction,  I have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work…..

I tell it like it is with no BS with regard to addictions, fat loss, fitness, posture, flexibility, disease prevention, mental health, confidence and well- being.

Through daily exercise you can switch your focus, change your energy and learn to connect with HOW your body functions, while getting fitter and helping your BRAIN to function optimally.

YOU DO HAVE what it takes to get the body and life you want,  but it can seem impossible going it alone, it’s much easier when you have a coach and guide who’s been where you have and ‘get’s’ it!

I can help you become the person you want to be and live the life you deserve if you are ready to transform WHO you are being and embrace the process of change.

Fancy a chat about how I can help you?

Then please Send me a message and lets talk