These sessions are designed to make you FEEL fantastic after a hard day!

Tight muscles can cause your body to become un-balanced and create issues in your hips, shoulders, neck & knees.

Combine that with weak muscles in the Butt, Lower back & Tummy (your core muscles) and you can see why you may feel your body is nor ‘working’ as well as it used to.

STRETCH & TONE ABC  is designed to help release the tension in those tight muscles whilst you strengthen the weaker ones.

The session is for people who send a lot of time in one position, who don’t like to ‘sweat’ in classes, the very stressed & those who just want a more chilled ‘no pressure’ class!.

We will work in a relaxed environment with essential oils being diffused and subdued lighting to enhance the sense of calm & relaxation.

Each person is encouraged to explore the best positions for themselves and not to ‘conform’ to a set way of doing a move.

Wed 8.15pm

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