REVEAL The New You


Discover How You Can Transform your Body, Lifestyle, Thinking & Behaviour to become the  person you are truly destined to be.

I invite you on a journey of Discovery to that will REVEAL the New Version of You

Why work with me & Whats  Involved

  • I get the frustration of NOT living a life that is fulfilling and fun. I have been the one hiding behind the others in photos ashamed of how I looked and feeling even worse. I have allowed myself to believe that this was as good at it gets and been on the verge of ending it all, BUT I held onto a glimmer of belief that there was more.
  • Over the last 5 Years I have helped many women achieve the Body confidence and life they didn't think was possible
  • I believe we all have the desire and ability to shed our masks and REVEAL our true awesomness
  • Your commitment & totally honesty are crucial to you getting everything you want from this exciting journey of discovery.
  • Active participation in the group & completing the work for the weekly online training is key to your progress.
  • Asking for help in the group and posting questions is also vital to helping you with language, thinking & behavioural change.
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  • Q.What is my investment?

    A.In money, the Investment is £4000 in full or £750 per month for 6 months from the date you sign up.

    In time 2 hours per week realistically of fully focused work  and continuous & consistent awareness of your language & behaviour throughout.

    In terms of commitment, you need to be 100% committed, even when things get challenging, keep your commitment to the fore & you will get through!

  • Q.What do I Get for my Money?

    A.Online coaching via video, audio & ‘Live training’ & worksheets

    1-2-1 Coaching via Skype or Face-time every month

    Q& A session live in the group each week

    Personal support via emailThe group to keep you accountable and help motivate you to keep taking those baby steps to change that will get you to REVEAL the New You.

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