Basic = 1 class per week per month

Silver = 2 Classes per week per month

Unlimited = As many classes as you wish per week per month

**Your subscription begins on the day of purchase & renews on the same date every month


NB: Cash payment by arrangement only £13.00 per 60 min class £10 per 45 min & 30 min class

Any unused classes do NOT roll over into the next month

However, you can use up your monthly allowance – for example you are allocated 4 classes a month on the Bronze membership but you have to miss a week due to work or other commitments, you can do two classes the next to make up you 4 class allocation.

Please decided carefully which Membership option is best for you


CLASS INFO in General 

A Membership does not guarantee a place in a class, you need to book each class.

Bookings are generated by PUNCHPASS and they will send you a confirmation email on booking your place (provided your email address is spelled correctly)

You have a cancellation option on your confirmation email right up to 12 hours before your class starts, meaning you cancel on the same day- If you are unable to make a class please use this option to cancel ASAP.

If you have to cancel later than the 12 hour window please text me 07986 132765 to manually cancel your place  BEFORE the class starts and as early as possible in the day.

NB: An email will not get read if I am teaching an earlier class TEXT  & a text sent after the start will not count as timely notification.  You will be marked down as a no show and charged for the session (see below)

If I do not receive a notification by TEXT and you don’t turn up for a booked place you are liable to pay the full amount of the session. If you have a class pass your missed session will be taken off the pass. Consistent cancellations or no shows will result in you being blocked from booking a place in future.

You can pay by cheque (payable to V Midwood) or bank transfer

You will need to open a PUNCHPASS account you can do this very simply here