HIIT Classes


 HIIT -High Intensity interval Training

The quickest and most fun way to get fitter, no matter what your starting point!

The 30 minute classes is a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that alternate between, upper, lower & full body moves.

This means you never over work the same muscle groups & you get a total body workout

all in one session FAST.

JUMP FREE versions of HIIT exercises are always offered for those who cannot do ANY high IMPACT moves at all.

The BEST thing about training this way is that your body continues to burn fat for hours

after you have finished, so ideal for those who want to lose weight & change shape.


This is for all levels of fitness, male & female, all you need is a smile & A TOWEL FOR THE SWEAT!!

Tuesday Hiit  Bells 7.45-8.15pm

Wednesday Hiit Fat Burner 7.45pm – 8.15pm

Dwight School, Woodside avenue, North Finchley. N12 8TT

To Book:Click Here 

Class pre-view please click here to watch https://youtu.be/B3eeSdGfnP0