These sessions are for healthy individuals without injuries and will result in:-

  •  Improved  posture
  •  Decreased back pain
  •  Increased flexibility
  • A Flatter tummy
  • A shapely bottom

The sessions are designed to encourage you to improve from your personal starting point week by week

Some experience of Pilates is helpful, but it is NOT essential.

**If you regularly play sports such as tennis or golf, your game will improve too!!!


Monday  7.45pm – 8.45pm & Wednesday 6.45-7.45pm                                                                        (Dwight Lower School, 49 Woodside Avenue N12 8TT)

Friday Morning: 9.35am – 10.35  (Mill Hill East Church, NW7 2NT – Upstairs in the Dance Studio)

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NB: These sessions are NOT suitable for:-

  • Pre & post natal participants
  • Post operative rehabilitation
  • Participants with injuries or, bone/ joint damage unless otherwise advised by your physio