21 Day Summer Slim Down


21 Day Summer Slim

**sign up is now closed for 2017 we STARTED Mon 19th June!**

Maybe you can catch the “Christmas Countdown” later in the year….

Do you have a Summer Wedding or Beach holiday in your diary for the beginning of July?

Are you dreading being in the photos or even before that, dreading shopping for an outfit!

The sinking feeling of trying on a fabulous outfit only to find on your body it pulls in all the wrong places.

Instead feeling excited about going away or meeting friends & relatives you just want to hide, or worse not go at all…

You can make a BIG difference to how you feel and how you look in just 3 weeks if you follow this really simple program and invest a bit of time to be a part of the group.

We kick off June 19th I suggest you jump on board at least 3 days before to get ready and prepared the group will be open on Friday JUNE 15th

It will be a private Facebook group with all of the information you need and you can interact with others doing the same plan and I will in there offering help, support and encouragement to everyone.


Once you have paid you will receive your 21 Day Manual (any problems with that let me know)

You will then be asked to register for the rest of the program & if you want to join in with the private group will be invited to send me a friend request so that I can add you (you won’t be able to add yourself)


  • 21 Day Manual with the first weeks eating plan
  • A measurement tracker
  • Food & Mood diary
  • Gratitude journal
  • Workouts to assist your results

So if you want to boost your confidence on the beach or just KICK START yourself into a longer weight loss plan, jump on board the 21 Day Summer Slim Down.

Price(GBP): £37.50

Here is what people said about the plan last year:

“I measure myself and after 21 days i lost 4kg and 12.5cm.This is great result is hard work,preparation and mind set.Changing habits makes big different in my life.Big Thank you Vicky” Monika

“Well after 21 days have lost a total of 11.5cm !! Have a lot more energy and sleeping better. Thanks Vicky for all your encouragement” Maria

“gone from fat 14 to fitted 12 and 3 kg less. Feel great not bloated or water retention. Joints have never felt better with boundless energy Definitely going to keep this up. Thanks Vicky.” Deb

These are all ladies with full time jobs & families. You can get great results like these too give yourself the chance to look & feel better about yourself this Summer


Still not sure its for you? Here are some F.A.Q.s
1. Is it all shakes, smoothies & special food?

No, its normal, real food that you can get in any supermarket

2. Will I have to workout every day?
No, but you will be advised to get active by walking every day and you will get daily short workouts that you can do once, twice or 3 times through or combine together to suit your time and how you feel on the day.

3. Do I need to spend ages cooking and preparing food every day?
Not if you get organised, and prepare food for 2 or 3 days at a time, so there is minimal prep when you are rushing. Planning & preparing in advance will be key to making this work for you.

4. Will I have to weigh my food?
Initially I highly recommend you weigh your COOKED food. Most of us serve ourselves and our families far too much.
Once you get to know what a portion looks like on your plate and you get familiar with serving sizes you won’t have to keep weighing.

5. Why should I do your program when I can get one cheaper or even free elsewhere?
How is that working for you right now…Are you getting results?

Seriously, yes you can get free plans all over the internet, but what they don’t do is get you to look at changing your habits and your thinking in the long term.

As a lifestyle and addiction coach I help you to see that the challenge is not just about food and exercise and a quick fix, it will be the start of you making lasting changes, that will mean you will not only lose weight, but know how to maintain it without feeling like you are constantly “on a diet”

Price(GBP): £37.50